When the sun had set over the land, God let rain fire and sulphur down from the sky and destroyed those cities and its surroundings, also all its inhabitants and everything that was growing on the fields.

Two shadows are telling me the story of the cloud that fell from the sky to the earth and became salt on the sun-heated stone and finally dried up.

A child has already smashed his head and had to go to hospital.
Watch your feet, there are everywhere glass splinters on the ground.
Everybody is throwing it on the ground, just for fun and those who don’t see get injured.
When a child slips in between the stones, his foot gets squeezed and he is dead.
Not dead, but you have to go to hospital, where they amputate your foot.

What did you do yesterday?
- A tattoo!
Did it hurt?
- No, it was ticklish.
What is it? Is it a “C”?
- Yes!
You too?
- Yes!
Did it hurt?
- No, as ticklish as for him!

But what would you like to say with that? Does it mean that one day we all will die? And if so, I already know that and it is good that it is like this. Imagine you were born and you would never die, sooner or later life would be a pain in your neck. You live today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, how annoying!

I’m not afraid of leaving this world, because I believe in God and I know: if one day I die, not a minute will pass till I rise from the dead.
I’m sorry for those who will see me dead but not revived. I will appear to them while dreaming and will tell them, that I’m better now.

News voice1
He was getting out of the car, when the shots of a killer in disguise hit him. He was trying to flee into a bar, but the contract killer followed him and shot him to dead and disappeared without leaving a trace.

News voice2
The contract killers fired numerous shots, which pierced his head at close range.

News voice3
This time it was a 37 year-old previously convicted man, who came under the killer’s fire.

News voice4
He was wearing a helmet, when the death squad caught him up.
Despite the helmet the missiles hit
the head of the young person, who died on his way to hospital.

News voice5
At the moment there are no witnesses who could tell the police something about the killer’s appearance. To powerful also in this case, the code of silence.

There is a small dog, can you see it?
And over there, there is a beast barking. Look at the poor small dog. – Oh no, they are killing it.
I feel sorry for him!
I think the one over there will protect it!
He is escaping! He is escaping!
He is escaping!

Graffiti on the wall

I’m looking out of the window of my hotel room onto a city, that could be everywhere.
The pictures I’m looking for are the pictures in my head, but I can’t find them.

In the classroom there are the children’s exercise books: My family are me, my mother and my father, my brother and my two sisters. My mother protects me from everything and everybody, also from my father, who is venting his anger with the others on me.
Everybody knows my father around here. I don’t want to tell bad things about him, but unfortunately he was in prison and there he met
My father sleeps a lot, not because of tiredness but rather because his life is requiring a lot of energy.

My mother is very young and she is doing everything for us. She spends hardly anything for herself except for creams and makeup. The rest is for the family. My father does always say to me: “Go to work, instead of going to school” then my mother always says: “No, you have to go to school”. Then I never know what I should do. That is why I sometimes go to school and sometimes to work.

Priest Eucharist
After supper he took the cup and gave thanks, he gave it to them, saying: drink from it, all of you; for this is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for forgiveness of sins. Do this in remembrance of me.

Bow your head and smile a little bit!
Smile as well!
Take the cross and look at it like this.
No, hold it next to your face.
Look at me, bravo, exactly like this,
But don’t move.
Don’t move at all.
Show me the cross!
Also you below there, show me the cross. Kiss the cross!
Ciro it’s your turn!

They live and they are really huge.
This one is enormous!
Look at that one.
This one is very flat, that’s great.
This one is very beautiful, I would like to eat this one.

The two brothers are telling me about the special skills of these worms, who can throw off their tail, when they have to flee from their enemies. They sacrifice a part of themselves to escape from danger.

News voice6
In this moment we can see the coming up of a relationship between the exploited worker and the illicit-work employer, that exactly corresponds to the dynamics between the usurer and the one who is asking him for money.

News voice7
In an economically depressed region like the Campania, what do you think: a child, that doesn’t want to go to school anymore, should it cooperate with the Camorra or fill up bags in a supermarket?

I have come back to the country where I was born and where I grew up and I see foreign faces. The faces are running away from the danger that is taking their breath away and that is swallowing the city. The faces are running away and not even one is looking back.

In front of the background of the blue sky it nearly looks like as if the brothers stood in front of a blue screen – that colour that situates
the filmed images in the middle of nowhere and makes disappear
every surrounding and every environment for an instant.